Use Caution For Hoagie Fundraisers

We know what it’s like trying to sell something just to raise money for your organization. Today, most fundraising businesses send their catalogs of fundraising items right to the organization, because they know the person in charge of the fundraiser just doesn’t have the time to locate quality fundraisers so they will pick the easiest fundraiser they can with little or no work to get. But what they don’t understand can actually hurt their repeat fundraiser because it’s just easier to remember the bad rather than the good for most anything. This is why quality is very important when running any fundraiser these days, especially a hoagie fundraiser.

Your customer always appreciates value: These days when it comes to acquiring additional income to support your organization with hoagie fundraising or other kinds of fundraising, most customers look at the value of the fundraiser item.

The best way we can describe value is in this example below:
Hoagie Fundraiser example 1: Suppose you find a place that can make hoagie fundraisers for you for just a buck. And you’re told you can sell your hoagie fundraiser for at least 3 dollars.

The hoagie fundraiser you use has the lowest grade of meats and cheeses in the hoagie. Lettuce is scarce; the bun is a 6″ bun. We both can agree that if you are able to sell these low-grade hoagie fundraisers at 5 dollars each, you profit margin is unbelievable. A few months pass by, and you decide to run another hoagie fundraiser. This time around you have very few repeat customers to buy your hoagie fundraiser. You even decide to call a few customers to find out if they may be interested in your hoagie fundraiser event, but only to find out your hoagie fundraiser customer is not interested in your future hoagie fundraisers you may have.

Above is a real example of what happened to a hoagie fundraiser. Hoagie fundraisers should be of the best quality as possible, mainly because hoagie fundraisers are served as a supplement for a family dinner. It’s like going to a spaghetti dinner with your family, only to find out the dinner is actually warmed up pre-canned spaghetti all in one.

One must really give some thought to selling quality hoagie fundraisers, especially when food bought at fundraiser usually wind up on the family dinner table. If you supply quality, the rest is already sold. You’ll have repeat customers over and over again, because the quality hoagie fundraiser is the best fundraiser of the majority in a family.

Take the taste test: It’s easy to be sold on the idea of a fundraiser, but have you ever asked to have some samples made. Tasting hoagie fundraiser samples can not only build your relationship with the hoagie fundraiser business you select, but it also will give you a good idea on the quality of the meats, cheeses, and bun that will be served to your customers families. The same principal can be applied to any other kind of fundraiser as well. We can only assume your organization intends to be in business for years to come. We agree it may take extra work to find quality hoagie fundraisers or any kind of quality fundraiser, but the work will pay off in the long-run making your hoagie fundraiser a success every time. Selling quality hoagie fundraisers will develop repeat customers, and can even grow over time.