Start Your Own Fundraising Business

We all know the economy is suffering and jobs are being cut, hours are being cut and opportunities are less available. It is definitely a good time to make your own opportunity. Why not supplement your current income with a side business in the fundraising industry?

Use some of the skills from your current job and past jobs and put them to work for YOU so that you can make money at the rate you want to on your own time.

Even in a slow economy, athletic teams, church groups, clubs, schools and hundreds of other groups need to raise money for their expenses. If you can be a fundraising resource for your local groups, schools and churches or even a resource to groups all over the country, you may be able to put some extra money in your pocket as well as these groups.

Is a fundraising business right for you?

Do you care about people? Do you like the freedom of working from home? Are you motivated to succeed? Do you have time to call team leaders and coaches and to follow up with people who are excited about what you are offering? Do you know a lot of people who trust your opinion?

If the answer to most of these is yes, it might be good to look into the fundraising business. Is one of your kids on a team or in the band that needs to raise money for uniforms this year? Right there, you could have your first sale. It’s so easy – you are offering these groups opportunities to raise money and you will help them through it.

How to get started:

A great way to get started quickly is to find a fundraising company online that offers opportunities to be an affiliate – by doing this, you will have the resources, training and support of a larger company and won’t have to take the risk involved in funding your own fundraising products or materials. The company will also see that you get paid your commission from the fundraiser. The next step is to find groups who need fundraising. Many were listed above and many fundraising companies that you sign on with will be able to offer you leads that you can contact so you can go outside of your community to find groups that need fundraisers. Then, it’s up to you to be persistent and make your fundraising business as profitable as you want it to be!