Preparing Fundraising Information Packs For Direct Sales

If you are pursuing the Fundraiser Business Opportunity, you should assemble a Group Fundraiser Introduction Opportunity Package.

Here is a list of some things that should be included in each introduction pack to entice a group to book a fundraiser with you.

It’s important when assembling this packet to make it look professional.

1. Your professionally done business card. (I always include 3 business cards)

2. A Business introduction letter. Explain who you are, what business you represent, your contact information, your business hours and website address/email address.

3. Fundraiser Program Introduction Letter.

This letter should thoroughly explain what your fundraiser opportunity is all about. How much does the group earn, how orders are collected, how orders are sorted & delivered, etc.

4. Group Benefit Letter.

I always include a letter on how the group can benefit from holding a fundraiser. On my group benefit letter I also add in a paragraph of how easy a fundraiser from my business is.

This is your chance to connect with the group on a more personal level. Tell them how this fundraiser program can benefit their group!

example: buy more school supplies, more athletic equiptment, field trips, banquets & parties, awards & trophies etc.

5. Include 1-2 copies of your current fundraiser catalog.

6. If you have a brochure about your companies fundraiser program include it.

7. Incentive Sheet.

If you offer incentives for the groups highest sellers, then include a incentive sheet on what they would earn.

8. Include 1-3 copies of your fundraiser order form.


Your company business opportunity flyer.

If you make up professional fundraiser opportunity information packs more groups will book fundraisers with you.