Fundraising Business Helps Non-Profits Hit Funding Goals

One of the more popular ways some charities use to raise money is through the contracting with a fundraising business, to gather donations in their name. Some may argue that the use of such as business is a distraction to the individual charity, however the results have encourage others to shift their efforts on their service to the public and leave the fundraising business to the professional fundraisers.

In the usual realm of fundraising, volunteers from within the organization talk to the public by any means possible to secure donations for their charity. The times spent seeking donations is done either during or outside the time they spend working for the charity and is seen as many as a distraction to their regular commitment of helping others. By bringing in a fundraising business to raise money, the workers can remain focused on their tasks of helping others and the charity can still raise funds for continued operations.

However, a fundraising business is not going to commit time and resources raising money for someone else out of the goodness of their heart and a percentage of the money raised is taken as the fee for their work. This insures the business does its best to raise the most funds, but also can mislead donors of the amount of money they are giving that will go to help a charity.

Read Agreement Closely Before Agreeing To Terms

If a charity is looking at a fundraising business to help them raise money, they should carefully look over the contract. In some cases the business may keep 50 percent or more of any money raised. In addition, there may be a set fee for operating expenses that will be deducted from the charity’s portion, leaving the charity receiving as little as five cents on every dollar donated while the fundraising business walks off with the lion’s share of the take.