With the economy slowing, many of us want or need to pick up some additional income. What are the things a job needs to offer for a mom? Well, the opportunity to make good money obviously, freedom to work around your schedule as a mom which is your most important job, and support so that you can do your job effectively and make the money you want.

There are great opportunities in the fundraising industry for stay-at-home moms. Moms often have a great network of other parents and tend to know a lot of people who need fundraisers. Can you think of any groups off hand that you know need to raise money? Church groups, dance teams, cheerleading squads, bands, elementary schools, PTAs, athletic teams are just a few of the hundreds of groups who need to raise money. Almost every organization or group out there is looking for new ways to raise money. You could be their fundraising resource. With a little bit of knowledge and training, you can use your skills as a homemaker and a mom to create your own successful fundraising business.

First, decide if you want to research and build your own company from scratch or if you want to find a fundraising company that offers leads, training and support in the industry. If you have tons of knowledge about fundraising and have a lot of contacts already who you know need to fundraise, it might be a good idea to go it alone. However, if you want support, a training program with a proven success record, tools and leads, you may want to go with a fundraising company. Look for a company that is available to answer your questions and that wants you to succeed. Whether you work with a company or you ‘go it alone’, you can make your fundraising company a huge success with your focus, perseverance and positive attitude.

Starting your own fundraising business will require time and work, but you will be able to set your own schedule, be your own boss and decide how YOU want to run things. It’s YOUR business. Good luck and happy fundraising!

Jenny Ann is an expert fundraiser and writes exclusively for ABC Fundraising.

We all know the economy is suffering and jobs are being cut, hours are being cut and opportunities are less available. It is definitely a good time to make your own opportunity. Why not supplement your current income with a side business in the fundraising industry?

Use some of the skills from your current job and past jobs and put them to work for YOU so that you can make money at the rate you want to on your own time.

Even in a slow economy, athletic teams, church groups, clubs, schools and hundreds of other groups need to raise money for their expenses. If you can be a fundraising resource for your local groups, schools and churches or even a resource to groups all over the country, you may be able to put some extra money in your pocket as well as these groups.

Is a fundraising business right for you?

Do you care about people? Do you like the freedom of working from home? Are you motivated to succeed? Do you have time to call team leaders and coaches and to follow up with people who are excited about what you are offering? Do you know a lot of people who trust your opinion?

If the answer to most of these is yes, it might be good to look into the fundraising business. Is one of your kids on a team or in the band that needs to raise money for uniforms this year? Right there, you could have your first sale. It’s so easy – you are offering these groups opportunities to raise money and you will help them through it.

How to get started:

A great way to get started quickly is to find a fundraising company online that offers opportunities to be an affiliate – by doing this, you will have the resources, training and support of a larger company and won’t have to take the risk involved in funding your own fundraising products or materials. The company will also see that you get paid your commission from the fundraiser. The next step is to find groups who need fundraising. Many were listed above and many fundraising companies that you sign on with will be able to offer you leads that you can contact so you can go outside of your community to find groups that need fundraisers. Then, it’s up to you to be persistent and make your fundraising business as profitable as you want it to be!

Going to the local shopping or outlet mall has proven in these past years to be a favorite pastime for many. Often, people will buy what they need, what they must have, or simply dream about purchasing items through what is known as window shopping.

In addition, like most things, there has been a continual change in ways that shoppers can shop. This metamorphosis has seen the shopper go from bustling downtown shops to enclosed malls.

Now, through modern technology, the shopper can simply log onto the internet and shop countless stores for that particular item and at the right price. With the click of the computer mouse that product can be delivered without the person ever having to leave the comfort of their home.

With this convenient way of purchasing products that are available it was only a matter of time that this process would be transferred to the non-profit world. This system of supporting a charity is through the use of an online fundraising business. If wishing to support charitable work in this way it is important to know what is an online fundraising business and what are the associated benefits.

What Is An Online Fundraising Business?

An online fundraising business is an internet based business that enters into agreements with schools, charities, service clubs and other organizations. Through an online fundraising business the efforts of the fundraising group are streamlined and become more productive.

For example, a school wishes to sell greeting cards to help raise money for band uniforms. The agreement is entered into with the music department and the online fundraising business. Once the agreement is entered into, the fundraising effort is announced along with the address of the website. Those wishing to support this cause simply access the internet site, view the products available, order their greeting cards, pay for the transaction and wait for their product to be delivered.


There are many benefits associated with utilizing an online fundraising business. First of all there is the opportunity to reach out to many more people. This can be accomplished by sending, through e-mail, the announcement of the fundraiser and explaining what the funds will be used for. In addition, the website address can be imbedded into the e-mail.

Once the e-mail has been received into a potential customer’s inbox, it would be very easy for this individual to pass the e-mail onto those in their address book. The potential of this fundraising effort reaching thousands of e-mail addresses is a strong possibility.

In addition to reaching many more people there are savings that can be realized by utilizing an online fundraising business. These cost savings can be especially seen in the area of less gasoline consumption. This is due to the fact that the individuals helping to promote the sales will not have to utilize their vehicles for transportation or reaching out to the customers.

Finally, utilizing an online fundraising business is very convenient for all individuals involved in the process. The actual paperwork can be handled by the website’s internal ordering system, the shopper can go online to order the product at their convenience and the fundraiser does not need to go door to door to advertise their product.

Let’s be honest. Good jobs are hard to find. Good paying jobs are even harder to find. Good paying jobs that offer flexibility and setting your own hours are nearly impossible to find. So, why not take matters into your own hands and use what you have to start your own thriving fundraising business.

Whether you are looking for something to supplement your allocated finances for your college expenses or are looking for some spending money to enjoy life while in college or maybe you are saving for the time when you get out of college – starting your own fundraising business could be a great move for you.

First, you have a lot of resources at your disposal while in college. Most importantly, your exposure to tons of groups that need to raise money can be your greatest asset. Sororities, fraternities, clubs, bands, dance teams, sports teams, theatre groups, special interest groups, religious organizations – all of these are in your college world and chances are you know people who are in these groups just in your circle of friends and classmates. It’s safe to say that most of these groups will need to raise money at least once this year.Growing budget cutbacks are leading more and more groups to turn to fundraising and many want unique or creative fundraising ideas that are easy, and profitable. You can be these groups and teams go-to source for all things fundraising.

Second, you have access to email, phones, computers, copy machines and other tools that make starting your own business that much easier.

Third, you are gaining skills daily as a college student, not just in classes but in your life as a student – communication skills, negotiation skills, writing skills and more that will be very helpful to your fundraising business.

The next step is to find a fundraising company or companies that you can distribute products for that people might be interested in. Common profitable fundraisers include candy sales, Auntie Anne’s Pretzel sales, the Scratch and Help Fundraiser to name a few. Additionally, it would be great to brainstorm some creative non-product based fundraisers that you could help execute. Examples of these are Service Auction Fundraisers, Pancake Breakfast Fundraisers, Jog-a-thons. For these, you could arrange either a flat fee or percentage of profit that would be paid to you for your work in organizing the fundraiser.

You can increase the success of your business by forging relationships with local businesses to act as sponsors to various fundraisers and offer that as a great reason to work with your business rather than competitors.

Use your resources, get motivated and start your own fundraising business today. Look for a reputable company to team up with that offers support, training and great profitable fundraisers and you will be making money in no time. You will be able to enjoy working when you want, where you want and see the money and profits from your hard work directly.

Do you love to organize events and help raise money for different causes? Are you already secure in your own job and now you want to branch out and spend more time fundraising? You can create your own fundraising business and have a worthwhile career of raising money for charities and groups that you want to help. Here is how you can do it:

-Decide on who you want to help raise money for. There are a lot of church, school and sports groups that need to pay for certain things and they get their money through fundraisers. There are also local and national charities that try to raise money for different things. Make the decision on who you want to help.

-Make contact. Once you have decided who you are going to fundraise for, contact them. Find out what their needs are and how much money they want.

-Make a plan. When you know how much money you need to raise, create a plan on how you will do it. Decide on a time frame, a goal, and a team of people that will help you in your efforts.

-Follow your plan. Once you’ve decided what you are going to do, follow through. If it’s a big dinner or a charity ball, whatever the event is, work hard on it, promote it, and enjoy it.

-Give the money. When the fundraiser is over give the group or charity the money you raised. They will be so grateful for your efforts.

-Repeat the process again for another charity or program.

One of the greatest joys in life is doing something kind for someone else. By doing fundraisers and raising money for different groups, you will help so many people. You can change someone else’s life by helping them raise money for something they would not be able to do on their own. Make fundraising a business and you will always be happy.

Another aspect to fundraising that is important to look at is the funding of your own business. It is not the easiest thing to find legitimate ways to raise the funds to get you and your business on your feet. Most of the time, small businesses find themselves dragging their feet in this process and really struggle to get any traction with their ideas, or their plan. The right connection can make all the difference in the world! Remember, there are people out there interested in helping other realize their dreams, and most of them are people who have been where you are now. Just wanting to blaze the path to success and help the people behind them take an easier road.

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